USA Today –  The charmed life of Kim Kardashian took a disastrous turn late Sunday when she was tied up, threatened with a gun and robbed of an estimated millions in jewelry by armed and masked assailants in Paris where she was attendingParis Fashion Week.

The news rocketed around the world early Monday, sending Twitter into a horrified swoon and her husband, Kanye West, rushing from a stage in the middle of a concert in New York to deal with a “family emergency.”


If anyone is going about their day today believing that Kim Kardashian-West was actually tied up and robbed in Paris last night then you are cooked! No exaggeration, I truly believe that it is 10x more difficult to rob Kim Kardashian than it is to rob a President of a country. This girl is followed by her entourage, security team, reality cameras and paparazzi 24/7. While also snap chatting her every move to her fans. If you want to sit here and tell me that this girl’s hotel room got broken into and she was tied up and robbed of over $6million in jewelry than go right ahead. But pretty soon you’re going to find yourself in the loony bin for believing this.

So Kim lost over $6 million in jewelry but didn’t get her GIGANTIC wedding ring taken from her while they tied her ass up? Hmmmmmm. That makes sense? kim-ring-8e9c0979-6a50-483f-91e2-26d1fdf5f016

That thing is fucking massive! If they kept that ring on her finger then good on them for believing in true love.

Also, Kim tweeted this out earlier in the day before she was robbed that night.

This dude just tackled some random sicko within .5 seconds of the dude trying to get a sniff of Kim’s huge ass on the streets. STAY WOKE PEOPLE!


P.S. It would not shock me one bit if the media puppet-master, Kris Jenner didn’t have fat Rob, Lamar Odom and Scott Disick behind all of this fake robbery shit. New season coming soon, plus the start of Rob’s new show just happening certainly could use a little bump to help increase the eyeballs on them. Don’t sleep on it.