Yahoo – Tired of wearing 3D glasses at the movie theater? That may be about to change. MIT reports that the school’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Weizmann Institute of Science have created a way for audiences to watch 3D movies without having to wear those goofy shades. The technology is called Cinema 3D and works by placing a series of mirrors and lenses behind the screen to ensure that viewers are able to get a 3D viewing experience from anywhere in the theater.


If you know me one bit, you should know that I’m a TV guy. A BIG TV guy. An ideal day for me is laying in the dark, packing a lip with a coconut water on the side and you can leave me there until I die. Having said that, the absolute WORST thing to happen to watching a movie is having to wear those bo-bo ass 3D glasses and have shit coming at me with the blue and red fuzzy tint. Get out of my face with those. Now MIT came from the clouds to save the day and give us the opportunity to watch crappy action movies without these pieces of cardboard.

So, yeah I’ll give it a shot. Am I going to like it? Definitely not. I just want to sit and be a slob. Not have to worry about shit flying at me and keeping my mind active. No thank you. Just trying to recline in the theaters new leather seats and fall asleep halfway through the film.

Somebody needs to provide me with a MIT connect. Maybe we can convince these nerds to upgrade something lazy assholes like myself actually need. Imagine not needing to use a remote for television. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a remote and got stuck listening infomercials all morning while the volume is somehow on full blast while nursing a debilitating hangover. Bet your ass I’m not getting up to change it. Now imagine if I can just look at the screen, do some shit with my fingers and boom its done? Doesn’t the Xbox Kinect do something like that? Why can’t that work for my Comcast box!? You tech people need to live your mornings in my shoes. Shit ain’t easy out here. This world could be a much better place.