Here’s my guy, Tony Romo. Just showing the people what beefing up for the season really looks like. Listen, I’m not in the greatest shape. I mean one look at me and you’ll probably mutter to yourself, “This kid needs to relax with the beers. Take a scoop off his plate too while he’s at it.” I get that. But, I’m also not the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I’m a cube monkey that pitches 2-3 times a week in a mens league, who doesn’t bat because I tore my hamstring the first week of the season rounding second (for the record, I champed it out and walked to third and was safe by an overthrow, don’t call me a hero, just tell my story when I’m gone).

But this guy? This guy is supposed to lead this team to a super bowl and he strolls into camp looking like he hit up the team buffet with the linemen every day. He’s definitely THAT guy that was asked if he wants an XL jersey but convincingly believes he can still wear a large.  I’m on the same boat Romo, its a tough pill to swallow. Luckily for him, he has over a month to lose a couple and get back to in-season shape. So yeah, we can all laugh now, but come November I’m watching highlights of him running out of the pocket and beating the Giants while I’m at my buddies house watching RedZone, eating Sunday dinner, and ordering wings for the late-night games. Whatever.