I only graduated a month ago but I already can’t believe I’m done. I start work Monday at some typical 9-5 cube monkey job that I’ll be doing for the rest of my life and it is honestly making me sick. Just knowing some of my buddies will be living it up like this while I sit in my cube listening to my co-workers bitch and moan about the office being too cold or how annoying clients are is just straight devastating. UMass will be living it up getting sloshed at the UPub, chugging a handle of Rubinoff and making crazy mistakes with chicks, and I’ll be crunching numbers and hearing the dude next to me come in for the 146th straight morning with his bo-bo ass coffee from the kitchen and telling me we’re “living the dream”. What a time to be alive.

But videos like this keep me going. Getting to watch these and reminisce about the good old times while telling my coworkers how great those four years were and how free-living life was will forever ensure me that I lived the dream. I may be dead now and once lived the life. But being able to tell my coworkers that although our lives are miserable now, at least I got to experience this setting.

Keep killing it UMass. I am forever grateful for these times.